Frequently Asked Questions

1.     How early should I place my orders?  

Wedding Invitations should be ordered about 4-6 months before your wedding.  Calligraphy will take about 2 weeks to complete.  Wedding Gloves and bridesmaid gloves take about 1-5 weeks depending on whether they are custom or stock gloves, and favors and grooms gifts can often be sent out within a week if necessary.  We can arrange rush orders on an individual basis. 


2.     How early should my invitations be sent out?  

They need to be sent out about 2 months before the wedding.


3.     What if there is a problem with the merchandise I receive? 

We only deal with manufacturers that have a proven track record.  Each item is carefully inspected before it is shipped to you.  However, should you discover a problem, simply contact us at (800) 479-4696 and the necessary steps will be taken to make it right for you.


4.  How do I know what length designer glove to order?  

The general rule of thumb is the longer the glove the more formal.  However you will need to consider the gown you have chosen.  For a long sleeve gown you would want a wrist length glove.  For a short sleeve dress, either a wrist or midarm would be fine. Finally with a sleeveless dress you can order any length depending on the formality of the event.


5.     What is your return policy on gloves?  

We will take returns on gloves within 20 days of purchase and they must be in original packaging.  Specials are final sale.


6.     How will my orders be shipped? 

Invitations, favors and grooms gifts  are sent UPS. Gloves are sent first class, priority or express mail.  
Special arrangements are always available.


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