April 11 2013 Thursday at 11:42 AM

Our Top 5 Wedding Money Saving Ideas

1. For a personal and unigue wedding why not have a trusted friend or relative administer the vows for your wedding.  You'll not only save money on an officiant, but if you have the ceremony at the same venue as the reception you'll save on site fees and you won't need a limo!   Universal Life Church (ulchq.com) and Esoteric Interfaith Church (northern way.org) are two organizations that "ordain" laypeople so they can officiate weddings, which most of the 50 states will recognize. Laws in a few states, such as Virginia, are strict, requiring officiants to be active in their ministry. To be sure you're in the clear, check with the county clerk about the laws where you'll be wed.

2. For a rustic wedding and completely original table settings why not use Garage Sale items as your centerpieces.  You can mix in a few flowers that are in season, create different levels for interest and you will keep your guests talking.


3. Share ceremony flowers with another bride that has a wedding the same day or a day apart. Whether you're having a Church wedding or your ceremony at a reception site, you can pool your resources and each save significantly.


4. For your alcohol, choose 1-2 Specialty drinks with beer and wine.  Not having to supply endless selections of liquor will drastically reduce your bill. 


5. Don't assume a reception site will be more expensive.  Some Mansions and Vineyards will charge exhorbitant site fees.  Often all the little touches are not included and must be factored in.  For instance some areas charge per drink and per hors d'oeuvre.  There are no flowers in the entry ways and you often have to hire your own parking valets.  Make sure you're comparing apples to apples.